Security isn’t something you claim. It’s something you prove.

While IRAP is the definitive ASD standard for handling Protected data, every assessment is unique. Download ours today.

This download demonstrates the Objective Connect application is independently IRAP assessed up to the protected level.

The Australian Signals Directorate's (ASD) Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) uses over 800 controls from the Attorney General’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Information Security Manual (ISM) to certify solutions for data that could inflict material damage to individuals, organisations or Australia’s national interest.

Secured your data? Prove it.

IRAP certified solutions such as Objective Connect have been independently assessed against over 800 security controls to ensure they are fit-for-purpose for organisations working with all levels of government, critical national infrastructure and regulated industries.

Crucially though, because IRAP includes both ‘must-do’ and ‘should-do’ controls, not all IRAP assessed solutions are created equal. As part of its mission to secure sensitive, privileged, confidential and protected data for government and regulated industries, Objective Connect is committed to transparency.

  • You can see our national, regional and global security certifications here
  • You can learn more about the IRAP programme here
  • You can download our independent IRAP assessment extract below
Highly compliant .. at the PROTECTED level

Ed Dexter

Hivint Information Security Director

There’s no such thing as almost secure.

While every organisation is unique, we all share the challenge of securing information when teams need to collaborate outside their four walls to get things done. Millions of users in 68 countries turn to Objective Connect for secure file sharing and collaboration, including whole-of-government agreements, Defence, Critical Infrastructure and Justice bodies.

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